living in the moment…

Sometimes…don’t you just want to live vagariously? Maybe for once, lets just disobey the rules and enjoy the moment.  How far can you take that careless joy? How long can you enjoy that freedom of having no consequences? no…no, there are always consequences, however subtle, however delayed.  I’ve been wondering that lately and perhaps dabbing in the art of being vagarious.  I’m not doing anything illegal or harmful (I think), but I’ve never just “lived” for the moment and nothing else.  Sometimes I wonder if I live for other people, live as another, where my true self is buried deep beneath this facade, this life of another. I don’t mean to say you can just live at large without sparing a thought to consequences, but at the same time my life feels so restricted by the invisible boundaries that have always governed my life.  After examining both sides, I feel somewhat lost as to where does my true self lie, neither here nor there, perhaps both places at once, perhaps neither, perhaps altogether different.  For the moment, I decided to live for the moment, for myself, for the pursuit of happiness that I feel is always quite evasive, yet close within reach.


~ by yukina2x on August 18, 2008.

One Response to “living in the moment…”

  1. For a long time my thoughts and heart have wandered far away from me to the future but also to the past. It took me all the efforts I could gather to finally bring them back to where I was…
    For a long time, but now I understand where I stand, and I enjoy every minute of it. I know that no matter what I do there will be consequences (as small as they may turn out to be), I deal with them when they are here, not before or after. Each step fully enjoyed is a step lived fully in the moment. That is how I became myself so I completely relate to what you wrote.
    By the way, what if happiness was the path that leads to wherever you wish to go? ^_^

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