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Memorial Day holiday weekend: I’m back home for the long weekend (few precious days of no work).  Traffic wasn’t that bad now that school’s out and most people are either home or working. Also, I probably missed the peak of the downtown traffic whenever I was going through it.

I feel exhausted.  Working for 7 hours, then driving for 3 hours make a long day.  I wish I could like work more, but in the end, the only satisfaction I’m deriving from this is that I’m not being idle and I’m getting paid for my efforts.  My potentials and skills are buried, possibly forcibly ignored, I don’t quite feel the drive anymore because there are obviously no opportunities for growth despite the opposite that was said during the interview. Who ever heard of “fairness” does not work for this company.  In the end, I’m just one of many minions that just mean grunt work to the upper management, hardly worth paying attention to, much less nurture. The job market is slow, unemployment is high. Should I just go back to school? Which seems like the perfect answer to this current situation, yet is it really the wisest decision?  Many people do without higher education just fine, but I probably won’t be so lucky.

I’ve made a few good friends, which is always a positive in a seemingly hostile new environment. Relationship wise…maybe I should just throw my hands up and say “oh well”.  There are rare opportunities to go out, and when I do, it’s difficult to meet people or the environment is not conducive to more privacy.

I’m not satisfied on any level of my life right now.  Career wise, I’m only holding a “job”, most definitely not a long-term commitment. On a personal level, I’ve made some improvements with the friends I’ve gained, although I wish my social skills could help me with co-worker relationships.  After college, I thought life would start to look up, but ultimately there’s still much left to be desired.


~ by yukina2x on May 24, 2008.

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  1. I’ve felt that way before about jobs and frankly there’s always something else you can do. Yes, unfortunately unemployment is very high and the US of A isn’t doing very well economically either. There are so many things that are slowly going down hill and i think money is the main issue here.
    Many people are having a hard time finding jobs and some, like yourself, are finding that they are unsatisfied. I, too, felt that way when i was back home.
    My first job was being a phone operator as well as many other jobs within the company because others were getting laid off and more hours needed to be covered. I felt like i would never get away from my job because it was the only thing that gave me a huge paycheck, however, i also felt that i was being held back.
    Held back from the things that i could accomplish, like finishing my degree faster and getting that job that I’ve always wanted.

    An opportunity came when a friend of mine came down and was looking for new students to the san francisco art institute. I found my way out and now im here doing something that i love while holding a job in technology as a student manager.

    I very much enjoy the company of my fellow peers as well as my superiors who also enjoy the same things that i do.
    Im sure that you will find something that will satisfy your urge to climb the ladder. I know you’ll find something you’ll want to do.

    As for education i highly recommend that you go back to school and try to get a degree. Many individuals now a days, at least to get a great job, are looking for some kind of higher education.

    i hope that i have helped you in some way. I’m sorry my reply was so long. 🙂

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