my gender-confused cat

Ok…so today I took my cat of 4 months named “Kiki” (a name that was formed after much debate among my roommates) to the vet…AND we find out “she” is actually a “he”. Imagine my surprise! Well, “he” is a long-haired gray-white cat whom we’ve always assumed is a girl since we couldn’t locate the um…male part. My roommates and I found him in the apartment complex we were living last semester hanging by the laundry room, meowing his pitiful meow. Actually “he” has been nurtured, that’s why with all the long hair, we couldn’t tell at all even when one of my roommates claiming “he” is a girl because that she’s worked with animals so long, she’d know. Oh well…at least now we know and won’t be calling Kiki a “good girl” anymore…although there seems to be another debate rising about whether I should change his name. Couldn’t “Kiki” be an unisex/androgynous name for a feline?

On the other note, I had my first job interview today (technically it’s the 2nd interview with the same place). I had the interview before I graduated with a recruiter, after which they contacted me again asking if I’m still interested. I informed them that I was leaving for a trip to China, and after I come back I will definitely contact them again which was what I did.  While we were leaving camp this week, I received a call back from the company and set up an appointment today with the supervisor.  I spoke with the supervisor, her boss, and then boss of that boss…hehe, it took over 2 hours. Then I sat with a girl who currently has the job that I’m applying for and chatted with her about her work.  I think it was a very effective interview. Even if I don’t get the job, it’ll be good interviewing experience. I think I asked enough questions to fill an FAQ about the company. ^^


~ by yukina2x on March 14, 2008.

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