My last semester…

I’m finally here (after endless grunts and tears) and still I haven’t felt the full effect of being a senior (as I have been the past year already).  The future is still largely unknown, although I do have some directions and alternatives to follow, it’s rather difficult to say whether I will be successful.

It’s been a while since I posted anything personal, so it almost feels awkward posting something related to my life and not my interest in music.  I can say that I’m not depressed anymore (to an extreme measure anyway), but sometimes when I take an introspective look on life, I still feel lost and disappointed. I don’t like having regrets, but sometimes I dwell too much on the past and end up feeling hurt.  Of course, the only way you learn is through obstacles and errors, but still sometimes you just think back and all you can feel is how stupid that particular decision had been.  Anyway, that’s life and it’s been deemed unfair, which is hard to accept, but accept I must.


~ by yukina2x on September 24, 2007.

One Response to “My last semester…”

  1. im sure that you’ll find the path that your looking for..i know i found mine after i transfered colleges. Now im a computer animation major WOOT!!!

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