Harry Potter mania

*edit: I just realized that I actually saw this movie 2 days BEFORE the official release, hence “private” screening”. ^^

Tada….opening night of Harry Potter and I got super-lucky…hehe. Got a ticket to a private screening of the 5th installment of the exciting HP series @ Studio Movie Grill. The movie was 138 minutes, with yet another different director this time, addition of new cast members (namely Luna Lovegood, Beatrix Lestrange), and state-of-the-art CG effects. We were served 1 beverage of our choice (yes, there were alcoholic) and popcorn. I’m pretty sure by the time someone read this entry, he/she will have already seen the movie (yeah…that’s how “often” my blog is read <_<). I won’t spoil the movie regardless. Just the anticipation up to this 5th movie was a good wait…plus the impending release of the final book next Saturday, my blood’s boiling…lol, ok slight exaggeration. Mmm…overall I say the direction of this movie is not as good as the last one, sure it was thrilling, but je-ne-sais-quoi…oh well, everyone will surely have their own opinion of this movie. I still liked it. There were several scenes of flashback this time, and by that I mean to previous movies, not just in the story. One scene has us looking at Harry when he just started at Hogwarts…wow, he was soooo young and adorable back then and now…haha, still cute but much mature, esp. if you’ve seen Daniel Radcliffe’s pics from his recent play Equus. I’m simply thinking of his nice maturing acting skills and *cough* biceps. Ok……not the least a fantasy…nope. Hey, just another fangirl here.

I found pictures of the entire front-back cover of the 7th Harry Potter book for different editions: (perhaps now there’s a slight taste of “Deathly Hollows” in there somewhere…hmmm, but then it’s only Voldemort)

US regular edition:


US deluxe edition:


UK children’s cover: (uh…treasure hunt?!)


UK adult’s cover:



~ by yukina2x on July 12, 2007.

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