out with the old, in with the new

The past few days have been whirlwinds of activities what with shopping for various small appliances and running errands. After about 10 good years with our friend Hoover (who makes vacuums), our dearly beloved is still “hanging on”, but barely, so we finally got a new maid from Dirt Devil – The Ultra Vision Turbo:

Well…I really don’t know much about vacuum cleaners…but it doesn’t seem like it garnered much good reviews at amazon.com….urh, should I be worried? Any recommendations for a good vacuum at a good price? (can’t afford the Dyson right now and we don’t have animals)

We also bought a new 5-headed standing lamp to stand between the 2 desks downstairs after experiencing knocking over the desk lamp several times, I just got frustrated (not to mention a few broken light bulbs in the process). Too bad it only takes 25 watt Type B bulbs, which I couldn’t find any energy-saving bulbs in that size/wattage. Which brings me to the other errand I ran today: buying enough energy-saving fluorescent light bulbs to change out all the old ones at our house. I realize that we use a lot of bulbs in our house as we changed out all the possible ones.

We also got a super-soft blanket at IKEA today. I think it’s ideal for season changing periods, like from spring to summer and summer to fall. It’s even warmer than the comforter I use at school, which will work wonders against the non-working thermostat in the dorm room.


~ by yukina2x on May 23, 2007.

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