KK’s designer kimonos

A while back, Koda Kumi launched her own line of unique kimonos, bringing back the traditional clothes with a touch of her signature ero-kakoi. Now that it’s almost summer, Ku-chan has released a new line of yukatas with the changing season.



kim_lion2.jpg kim_lion.jpg


kim_peahen2.jpg kim_peahen.jpg

Princess of Singer

kim_prinsinger2.jpg kim_prinsinger.jpg


kim_diamond2.jpg kim_diamond.jpg

Butterfly and Roses

kim_rosebutterfly2.jpg kim_rosebutterfly.jpg


Camouflage yuk_camoflage.jpg

Candy & Pumps yuk_candypumps.jpg

Skull (flower and heart) yuk_skull.jpg

Rose and Butterfly yuk_rosebutterfly.jpg

Ornament yuk_ornament.jpg

Peahen yuk_peahen.jpg

Check & Skull yuk_ckskull.jpg

Cherry Blossoms yuk_cherryblossoms.jpg

Check & Mari yuk_ckmari.jpg

Marine yuk_marine.jpg


~ by yukina2x on May 23, 2007.

3 Responses to “KK’s designer kimonos”

  1. Wow, these are beautiful ❤ I would love to buy them (once I had the money). Is there a link to where I could possibly purchases them?

    • No there isn’t, they were only available for purchase IN STORE. It unfortunate…

      On top of that they were almost 6,000 USD >.> I dunno who has the money to spend 6k on a kimono…. lol.

  2. House of quiver is looking for Kimono inspiration

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