What are friends for?

I realized that loyalty in friends can be as fragile as a spider’s web or strong as steel…some people are just not meant to stay friends with you, some come back again and again even after so many trials, and some are still in no-man’s land, trying to figure out what the hell you did to him/her or vice versa. How far would you go to keep a friend? Would you actually reconcile your differences as not to elongate the silence that has been building up around you? Would you listen to someone’s slander about your good friend and decide that the rumors are true and your friend’s just as good as the trash outside your house? Would you ditch that same friend in need when you choose to believe the rumors? *sigh* Your friend won’t tell you everything that you did wrong or just to confirm the rumors and sometimes you’re the only one left in the dust, sporting question marks all over. Maybe then you decide that it’s time to move on because your so-called friend obviously doesn’t give sh*t about you!

-this doesn’t apply to anyone I still talk to…so why the hell does it matter since we are not talking anyway?! sometimes it’s a burden to care too much, esp. for people who don’t even deserve it.


~ by yukina2x on April 25, 2007.

2 Responses to “What are friends for?”

  1. 😦 very sad

  2. sad…but true and maybe ugly…as truth always is

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