VA Tech massacre

If you haven’t already heard about the deadly massacre that occurred on Virginia Tech campus yesterday, you should read it here.

It truly is a shocking story, just hearing about it makes me shudder to think that such cruel act has been committed by someone the same age as me against many innocent lives. Above all, it occurred on a college campus much like this one. Statistically, it is now listed as the deadliest shooting in the US history overall as well as on a college campus. My friends and I talked about this story last night, and we both feel that suddenly the comfortable security we’ve always taken for granted for living on campus is starting to slip. Especially with a story like this which hits closer to home than the one mentioned above.

It’s good that we receive periodical campus crime alert updates from school authorities on crimes happening on and around campus. There are more horrific news to impart, but this post has already gotten too depressing. I still want to believe that I live a safely guarded environment. I won’t take it for granted. *sigh* Lets just pray for those whose lives have been lost and their loved ones.

On a side (more cheerful) note, if you’re currently still in school (doesn’t matter what kind) and are facing almost final exams, here’s something to cheer you up – an Asian good luck charm especially made to ace tests!

Good luck!


~ by yukina2x on April 17, 2007.

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  1. Yes, so very sad.

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