not allergy

ok…I think it’s severe allergy-turned-cold…b/c this sore throat is no longer a bother, it’s a sore literally. It just hurts different than when it was plain allergies. I don’t feel like going to the health center on campus either, b/c the doctor will take an hr to come and see you, 5 min to check you out and slap you a Rx for antibiotics and send you on your merry way. One of my prof calls it the quackshack, which is not too far from reality.  They are certified doctors…but somehow their service just seems lacking.


~ by yukina2x on April 13, 2007.

One Response to “not allergy”

  1. well, it just costs a lot to write out that one piece of paper saying “you need this medicine”. Unfortunately, even as a pharmacist you can’t write out the prescription 😦

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